How to Add Products to Your Online Store

April 27, 2021

After setting up your online store, you are ready for adding products to your store. First, click ‘Products’ from the main menu. 

Product Types

Before adding products, you need to add product types for those products. Product type defines the attributes of the product which will be used for filtering products on the listing page or selecting product variants on the product page.

In order to add a new product type follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Products > Types from the menu. 

  2. Click New Product Type button

  3. Enter a name for the new product type

  4. The new product type is created. Enter variant options and filterable attributes to the product type if you need any.

Variant Options

Variant options are product attributes like size or color. After you add these variant options you will be able to enter values for these options when you are creating a new product from this type.

Filterable Attributes

Filterable attributes are used to filter products on the product listing pages. For instance, you can add a ‘Brand’ attribute and let your users filter your products by their brand.

Adding Products

To add a new product go to Products > Products from menu and follow these steps:

  1. Click New button on the top right of the page.

  2. At this step you should decide whether your product has any variants or not. If your product has no variants such as color or size then you should continue as a single product.

  3. Enter a product name, a product code and the type of the product.

  4. Click Add New Product button

  5. If your product has multiple variants select Has Multiple Variants option on step 2.

  6. Enter your product name, select product type and click Add New Product button.

  7. Now your product is created and ready for editing.

Editing Product

In order to start editing your product details click the name of the product you created. Product editing page will be opened. Enter the details of your product on this page.


Enter the product name and short description of your product. This information will be displayed at the top of the product page on your online store. After entering the information do not forget to click the Save button.

Product Details

Click the pen icon on the top right corner of this section. A rich text editor will open. 

You can enter detailed information about your product using this section. This information will be displayed below the short description on your product pages.

You can style the text using the buttons in the rich text editor.

Adding Images

If you want to add images from the web or your media gallery you can copy that image and paste that image into this editor. The image will be automatically added.

Adding Tables

In order to add tabular data to this editor select the table you want to add on the internet or any excel file and copy that table. Then click on the line you want to add this table and paste it.


If you selected the option ‘This product has multiple variants’ when you created the product you will see variant options in this section. If you selected ‘Single Product’ this section will not be displayed.

Add values to the attributes of this product. You will see all combinations of product generated from these values below. You can edit all variants one by one if you like. Also you can select which ones to display on your store by toggling the ‘Visible’ property.

Filterable Attributes

Here you will see the filterable attributes you defined when you were creating the product type. Enter appropriate values for your product. You customers will be able to filter products by these values.

Product Settings

  1. Activate the ‘Published’ toggle if you want this product to display on your online store.

  2. Activate the ‘Stockable’ toggle if this product is stockable.

  3. Select the position of the product on your store product list. Products with lower values will be displayed before products with higher values.

  4. Enter Tax rate and Currency for the product.


Add product photos using this section.


Select the category of your product. In order to select a category, you need to create a category from Products > Categories.


If you want to display this product as a featured product on your homepage activate the toggle in this section. You need to select at least 5 Featured products in order for the ‘Featured Products’ section to display on your store homepage.

Seo Settings

If you want to edit advanced seo settings you can enter slug, seo title and meta description from this section.